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    IDE Redirect - DVD

      Hi there,


      I'm using Intel Managability Commander Tool (v0.6.0937.2), and the Manageability Terminal Tool included, to start an Intel vPro client from a redirected ISO image.


      When I select a CD ISO image (Windows XP CD for example) it runs fine, but when I select a DVD ISO image (Windows Vista DVD for example) I get the following:

      - The client computer displays the Windows DVD notification "Press any key to start from CD or DVD..."

      - And after pressing a key nothing else is displayed in the client computer.

      - In the Redirector Stats window of the Terminal Tool shows that no more data is sent but packets continue to be sent

      - After one hour it keeps sending packets but nothing new is shown in the client computer.


      The same ISO DVD works fine when lunched with MagicDisk for example.


      I would appreciate any help for this problem.


      Thanks a lot!!