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    [BUG REPORT] Freezing lag of HD4600 in Win10 with Nvidia Optimus laptop


      System Used: clevo p157SM-A

      CPU SKU: i7-4800MQ
      GPU SKU: HD4600 OPTIMUS + nvidia GTX 970M
      Processor Line: I7 mobile quad
      System BIOS Version: latest
      CMOS settings: default
      Graphics Driver Version:
      GOP/VBIOS Version: 5.5.1032
      Operating System:  Windows 10 64 bit
      OS Version:
      API: DX11
      Occurs on non-Intel GPUs?: don't know

      I have a Clevo P157SM-A with Optimus (HD4600 + 970M) Windows 10 64bit here, with nvidia 358.50 using mainly on AC power.

      dGPU is activating itself when Windows Aero UI request some effects or animations: it happens ( STEPS TO REPRODUCE)
      1.(sometimes) clicking on Start button when I have some animated squares
      2.(always=way to replicate this problem) clicking on BATTERY icon (it pops up power settings with an animation)
      3.(sometimes) clicking on volume icon (volume bar shows up with an animatio)
      4. ALWAYS REPLICATES WHEN CLICKING "NEXT WALLPAPER" in desktop with right click if a Windows aero theme is selected.

      Activating dGPU for just 1 second or so, in coincidence with UI effects, then dGPU turns off.
      IT GENERATES TERRIBLE LAG (I cannot move cursor and system is freezed for  1 second)

      When the lag generates, the dgpu led is lighting up for 1 second so it's like turning on dGPU for no reason (integrated graphics can handle these effects EASLY) then turn it off all in one second.
      Nvidia gpu activity shows "no program" using it , altough it's active for 1 second.
      Therefore I haven't managed to track a specific app that causes it.

      RC6 RENDER STANDBY Enable or Disabled, doesn't make any difference

      This problem has been reported by many users on notebookreview forum and on nvidia forum . Always same simpthoms, but IN WINDOWS 8.1 EVERYTHING IS WORKING perfectly with proper Win8.1 drivers.

      It is a problem of INTEL Graphics because it asks the discrete GPU for help in really simple 2D rendering situations. Seems not NVIDIA fault.