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    Xeon x3363 2.83 ghz vs xeon E5 2609 1.9 ghz


      Small accounting firm with under 6 users some part time uses server mostly for storage. They are using a Dell T300 with the xeon x3363 2.83 ghz. How does that compare is overall processing performance with a lenovo TD350 using the Xeon E5 2609 with 1.90 ghz processor? Would adding the second processor on the TD350 out perform the current machine?



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          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          Regarding this, having 2 different cores working in your sever would allow you to perform more tasks at the same time.


          2 processors would mean the double of workload the system would be able to handle. This doesnt mean that with one the performance would be bad, you would be still getting good performance with a single processor server.


          Dual processor systems would help with email services also.


          Also, here you can find a comparison of these two processors:

          ARK | Compare Intel® Products



          Esteban C