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    DHT22 cannot work on Intel Edison. Really need help.


      I want to build a small IoT project by using Intel Edison. I use Arduino IDE to upload my code. I have tried many DHT22 temperature libraries but only only one (adafruit DHT) can run without error. However, the digital pin I used cannot return any number. When I tried to do the same thing on the Arduino UNO, it works perfectly. I found the Intel Edison board didn't support many sensors libraries and h files such as <avr/io.h> and <util/delay.h>.

      Here are my question:

      1. Is the edison a good choice to develop IoT? I know it has a faster chip, large ram and flash storage comparing with arduino uno.

      2. Would the Grove sensors (temperature, light, OLED)  in the intel website perform better on Intel Edison? I mean their libraries can compile without these issues? 



      Thanks a lot !

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          Well it really depends on your application, how you plan to develop, what IDE you prefer to use, what interfaces you need etc. The Edison is a different to the Arduino. The Edison runs an entire operating system making it much alike to a computer than the Arduino. Some tasks may be easier on the Arduino, some might be easier on the Edison, and it really depends on what the goal of the project is and the expertise of the user to make it work on both boards.


          The Grove kit comes with a variety of sensors. There’s not official statement that says all libraries work without the need of a workaround however in the community users have posted their workarounds so that shouldn’t be an issue.


          There’s an interesting discussion about the differences of Arduino and Edison and DHT sensors here Re: sensor DHT and Arduino 1.6.6 Help please