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    Question about how to enable watchdog timer on blkde3815tykh0e


      I recently bought blkde3815tykh0e.

      I thought the NUC have a feature of watchdog timer.


      These document below shows it.




      I've already installed latest visual bios(version 0046) to NUC.

      But I couldn't find settings of watchdog timer on bios.


      It's answered that Watchdog can be enable or disable under the perfomance tab.




      Is there how to enable watchdog instead?


      And I want to use watchdog timer on Windows 8 or 10.

      But there aren't documents and drivers about watchdog timer for windows.

      I only could find the document below.


      But It's for linux. Furthermore I don't know the document supports this NUC.


      Please tell me how to use watchdog timer on this NUC.