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    New PC Build - i5 6600k video dropout


      Good morning,


      I'm having issues with my new PC Build, where my monitor will simply go black at seemingly random times.  I am not currently running any video card, simply using the CPU onboard video.


      On startup, it shows the MSI BIOS access/Boot screen, then windows 10 login.  Sometimes, the MSI screen will be flickering a (or multiple) green horizontal stripe(s), and the windows 10 login screen is simply black.  I can hear the usual startup noises, and the PC lights/fans etc. all seem to work as normal, but no video.  Nothing can be done, and after a number of restarts, everything seems to start up normally.


      Other times, the screen may go black while in use.  For example, the other night playing hearthstone (with nothing else running in background), my screen would flicker black for 2-3 seconds, then come back.  While black, I could still hear the game music, but again, no video.  This happened several times in a row, every 30 seconds to minute, sometimes more frequently.


      I cannot "force" this problem to reproduce itself on command, and I cannot exactly predict when it will happen. 


      It seems to be MOST frequent at either startup or wakeup.


      Build details:

      MSI Krait Gaming Z170A Mobo

      Intel i5 6600k

      Kingston 8GB RAM (DDR4/2666mhz)

      Already updated, and running all current drivers.


      Any thoughts?  Thanks all in advance.