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    can't install new Intel IGP driver




      I can't install your new Intel graphics driver After deinstalling the previous driver

      and reboot, the standard VGA graphics adapter is installed. setup runs only a few seconds and

      request me to reboot then. After reboot, the standard VGA graphics adapter is still installed. Also can´t run the

      Intel HD graphics preferences.


      Running previous setup again, this needs more time (~1 minute). After reboot, the Iris Pro 6200

      is installed correctly and runs fine. What´s wrong with setup? I´d tried out both 64 bit versions

      (*.zip and *.exe), no way. Using Windows 7 HP 64 bit and Broadwell i5-5675c.

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                         I had similar issues with trying to install over on Win 7 ultimate and Broadwell i7-5775C.


          The installation process kept querying me do I want to replace the existing driver (it said newer dated) with the new driver (it said older dated).

          I kept confirming, then uninstalled the driver via the control panel -> system and security -> system -> device manager.

          Repeated this several times with older and older drivers being offered to me.

          Eventually it did damage removing the ms vga driver, so I rolled back the changes using control panel -> system and security -> system -> system protection -> system restore.


          When I eventually installed I had instability issues with Windows Explorer and 5 second longer boot times.


          There is certainly something dodgy going on with intel drivers at the moment as I had problems installing the latest NVMe driver over the top of the previously installed one.


          intel, I find this quite disconcerting as I had always believed that intel drivers were the best that could be had.



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            Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


            I will be trying to install the driver from my end to see if we get the same behavior, and as soon as I get the results I will post it here.





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              Hi all,


              Could you please reply with your graphics report?


              Go to Intel® Graphics and Control Panel > Options > information Center > Save.


              Also, could you please post your msinfo32?


              1. 1) Please press Windows Key + R to open the Run Menu
              2. 2) Type msinfo32 and click OK
              3. 3) While viewing the System Summary node go to File then Save (Please do not use Export)
              4. 4) Save your MSINFO32 report as msinfo32.nfo on your desktop for easy access and then you can post it here.





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                Intel® Graphics and Control Panel > Options > information Center > Save >>>


                MSINFO32 report as msinfo32.nfo >>>

                <<< MSINFO32 report as msinfo32.nfo



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                  Hello Ivanu,


                  thanxx for your affort. I´d stored the requested files as Systemreport.zip here. They´re password protected,

                  because I don´t want to manifest my system to the whole world. Send you the password via private message.


                  Greets from Germany, Manni

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                    Hi all,


                    I tried to replicate this issue several times with Windows 7 and yes we get the same problem, the system tells me that there is a driver newer than the one I want to install.


                    I uninstalled the version and installed the version but it did not work either.


                    I’m sorry for any inconvenience and I will be escalating this case today for further investigation.


                    Thanks you for reporting this issue to us, we really appreciate it.





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                      ...any news in this case?


                      In the meantime I´d tried out almost all available Intel graphics driver versions.

                      I can´t install any driver version 15.36.xx.xx which are especially made for Windows 7/8/8.1.

                      I only can install 15.40.xx.xx versions which are made for Windows 7/8.1/10.


                      Tried out every possible options like install via Windows device manager, install at save mode, etc.

                      No way. My Windows 7 (64) is a standard Home Premium installation and up-to-date. I like the

                      Iris 6200 Pro hardware, but your driver software is really a unacceptable rag rug.

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                        Dear Intel,


                        I am still awaiting a driver that can run "Fallout 4" without it constantly falling back to the desktop without any indication of what is wrong. Please do not parrot the line that the graphics hardware does not meet the minimum requirements for the game as defined by the game manufacturer. Just what choice in graphics hardware do you think most laptop owners have? A slow frame-rate is better than constant crashing.


                        I will not be an early adopter of the "Skulltrail NUC" as I have been burnt by Intel drivers recently and I really want to see if Intel regain their driver mojo.




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                          AX-Turbo our engineering department is still working on solution for this issue, unfortunately we don’t have an estimated time when it will be fixed, at this point please keep checking the download center for a new driver.


                          OC_Freak this thread is for a different issue, please create a new thread about the issue you have.



                          Best regards,



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                            After we investigate this situation, please be aware that the version is actually older than the version


                            Is there a reason why you will need the older version 15.36 instead of 15.40?

                            15.40  15.36 = lower driver, regardless if the actual version # is higher because the 2nd set of numbers [40 vs 36] are determining. So while upgrading on the same branch, it will determine correctly based on version, but switching branches for a lower branch, it can’t differentiate well because it’s not going by date released.

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                              I wanted to try out the 15.36 because of two reasons:


                              - with any 15.40 version I get gaudy pixel errors at several older 3D games which doesn´t support Anti Aliasing.

                              - wrong clocking Iris 6200 Pro. Altough energy settings at Windows+Intel energy options are set to "Balanced", my Iris always clocks with full 1100 MHz. Also at 0% CPU load/Windows Desktop/Idle. ONLY if I start a 3D game and quit it afterwards, the Iris clocks down (mostly) to 450 MHz idle. IF it had clocked down to 450 MHz and I start another 3D game, it stays at 450 MHz! This behavior is very annoying. At German hardware forum more users report this behavior, independent of their used hardware/mainboards.


                              I can´t understand why Intel offers two driver lines at the same time? Apart from that - how I wrote already at my first post - I can´t install any 15.36 driver version (installation takes just a few seconds, after reboot Standard VGA adapter is still installed). Ivanu, thanks for your affort and don´t take this personally -> Generally Intels new Broadwell/Iris hardware is nice, but their driver software is a desaster in my opinion. After hours with several Intel drivers and Broadwell mainboard Beta BIOS I feel like a kidded Beta tester.

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                                I’m sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the information.


                                Did you try uninstalling the 15.40 driver completely and install the 15.36, uninstall the driver 15.40 and restart your system then install the 15.36 to see how it goes.


                                I'm sure you probably have done this already but is just want to confirm.

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                                                 Yes, I restarted my system between uninstalling driver 15.40 and installing 15.36.


                                  I did not realize 15.36 being an earlier fork of your driver software compared with 15.40.


                                  I was merely trying to find a driver that is compatible with Fallout 4.


                                  I have railed about this in other posts, so I do not intend to say anymore than: Toms Hardware -




                                  rates the 6200 iris pro graphics performance exceeding the Nvidia gtx 550ti which according to -




                                  "The official Fallout 4 system requirements call for a GeForce GTX 550 Ti with 2GB of VRAM for 1280x960, minimum setting, 30 FPS gameplay"


                                  Please provide me, and hundreds of thousands of others, with a driver for arguably the most popular game released in 2015.


                                  Having your driver fold up and drop back to the desktop is pretty poor. Otherwise, I could enjoy the game, dealing with the minimal frame rate by dropping back some of the graphics settings.




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                                    Thanks for the links provided, at this point we will need to wait for a new driver to come up in order to solve more issues.


                                    I apologize for any inconvenience and for your patience.


                                    Best regards,



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