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      Half my desktop has lost it's background color, and is now white.

      I click to restore the color and nothing changes.

      The icons are still there; but, the green and white back ground is

      reversed on half of the screen.

      I would like to correct this problem before it gets any worse.

      With the crummy help that I have encountered so far, I do not

        have any hope of succeeding.

      Can you guess how long it took, searching and clicking, for me

        to get to this  ' type-in-rectangle '  ?

      Tonight I have spent three hours trying to get some help from Compaq,

        Microsoft, Windows and any thing that shows on a search engine.

        not counting the hours over the last two weeks.

      I have clicked, and registered, and followed all kinds of vague instructions

        to the point of great frustration.

      The wording of the instructions is only understandable to people who

        talk that way, all day long.

      Compaq never had any intention of helping the user.

      I am so damned angry I am going to have a stroke and Big Business

        doesn't give a damn.

      And now you want me to type in a strange looking code.

      Do you know what happens when I type in a strange looking code  ?

      75% of the time, it won't accept what I type in.

      You people don't live in reality.

      I can plainly see the code.


      And here is a new one :


      And here is the third code :


      And here is the fourth code :


      Now, I'll ask Compaq a question.

      "Do you think that you will ever be able to sell me ANYTHING,

        ever again  ?"


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