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    when updating s2600cp bios from 01.02.0003 to 01.02.0006 get "Error: SmiGetUpdateStatus status 0x1a ... Unable to update the system BIOS..." Anyone know why ?


      BMC, ME and FRU SDR updated ok.  but the bios fails.  I try updating it alone with bios.nsh but it keeps giving this error message.


      Any hints at what I can do to get this bios update to work so that I continue to install the later versions will be much appreciated!


      here's more of what shows:


      IFlash32 Utility version 11.0 Build 8

      Copyright (c) 2012 Intel Corporation


      Processing Capsule File - R01.02.0006.cap

      Error: SmiGetUpdateStatus status 0x1a

      SmiGetUpdateStatus returned error


      Unable to update the system BIOS.


      The system BIOS has been updated successfully.

      A system reset is required for the update to take effect.


      BIOS 01.02.0006 update completed."


      but after re-booting, the bios is still at 1.02.0003.

      some system information:

      board part number E99552-507

      BMC Firmware Revision 1.04.2896

      ME Firmware Revision

      SDR Revision SDR Package 1.11