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    Icons moving because virtual display monitor with an HD4600




      I have a Windows 10 x64 ver 1511  and HD4600 i7-4790k computer with a Acer B286HK  3840 x 2160 4k resolution monitor

      I can run it using the DP DisplayPort, or HDMI at 4k res just fine, but I use DP.


      When I turn off the monitor or unplug the DP cable, the icons move back to the left side.


      I found out WHY:
      If I log into my computer using "Remote Assistance" from another computer and unplug the DP cable, it turns out that Windows no longer detects a monitor, so it reverts to a generic non-pnp monitor driver,

      and the Intel HD4600 shows me that it reverts to a "virtual display".


      The Fix:

      So, I go in and change the resolution of the virtual monitor (using remote assistance) to match what I was running with my real monitor, including my 150% scale factor.

      If your monitor is only running HD, then this absolutely fixes the problem.

      But, it turns out the virtual monitor does not offer a 3840 x 2160 4k resolution.


      I tried installing a different monitor driver using "Remote Assistance" (generic pnp and the acer B289hk driver), but the 4k resolution is still not found on the list.

      I think its because the Intel HD4600 driver doesn't have the 4k res in its "Virtual Display" list.


      Is there a way to add 4k res to the Intel Virtual display, or keep the HD4600 from changing to a virtual monitor?