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    Can't load intel i586 core from board manager of the Arduino ID




      I have a Problem with the Download of the "Intel i586" core. At the ID version 1.6.6 or 1.6.5, Arduino says that the link is no longer available.At the ID version 1.6.2 (is used in the Tutorials), Arduino says that i have no internet connection, but I have already an internet connection. What can I do now?




      Arduino ID 1.6.2


      Arduino ID has no connection to internet, but I have already internet connection.



      Arduino ID 1.6.6


      Arduino ID can’t find the Download-Link.


      Information about my Configuration.

      - My operating system is windows 7 Prorfessionel (64 Bit)

      - The Arduino ID was upload on Arduino - Software

      - There is no SD-Cart in the SD-Slot

      I also installed the Ardunion ID (1.6.5) from the "Getting started" Page on Intel IoT - Intel® Galileo Board Get Started Guide | Intel® Developer Zone, but there was the same problem.


      Thanks in Advanced.