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    Intel Graphics disappeared under Device Manager


      After i formatted my hard drive, while the video card plugged on the motherboard, did not remove CPU and installed video drivers properly. I noticed some fonts are blurred or either i watched video streaming like YouTube that not have sharpness and slightly blurred to me. I checked on the device manager that did not show 'Intel HD Graphics 4600' under the display option. From my first thought it was a video card faulty so i did removed from the motherboard. I've tested out on my computer if integrated graphics is on device manager so that was showed up in there then i plugged again using the card on the motherboard but Intel graphic has disappeared from the Device Manager. I got replaced a new video card and plugged again, the integrated graphics still disappeared. I tried to install again for Intel driver, but received a error message says "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software".