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    Has anyone had problems with overheating


      Thinking of purchasing a nuc5i7 or nuc6i5. A friend questioned the nucs ability to keep internals cool. I want to use as desktop replacement and do casual photo editing using photoshop elements and lightroom. There would be times when I would be using pc for several hours at a time. Should I be concerned or look to a another desktop?  Many folks indicate using nuc for home theater, wouldn't running videos for hours cause a lot of heat? Don't want to invest time and money if this is not really a good fit for me.  Thanks for any input.

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          My Intel NUC5i7 runs 70-80C under normal operation, 80-90C under heavy load. Intel says that is fine and it is allowed to go up to 105 no problem. I have also found the fan to be much louder than I expected.


          It is important to understand the NUC cannot be considered a "desktop replacement." NUC is basically a laptop without a keyboard, display, or battery. Tasks that strain, for example. a MacBook will also strain a NUC. The dual core mobile processors in NUC are easily outperformed by comparable quad core desktop processors.


          Disclaimer that I have not tried the NUC6 generation. Maybe it's a big improvement.


          Hope that helps your decision.

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            The following video might be helpful for visualizing the NUC cooling situation. With a new case and fan, you might be able to achieve temperatures in the 70s with your NUC i7.


            Intel NUC cooling mod - YouTube

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              What type of tasks are being executed for a heavy load?  It is rare that I run more than one program at a time. I use the term desktop replacement as opposed to HTPC. I'm  actually replacing a laptop running i3-380M dual core 2.53  ghz with an ATI Radeon graphics card.  It can run elements with no problems, is slower in lightroom and takes  forever for lightroom to send to elements for edits. Also running 2nd 21inch monitor for easier  viewing.  That's why I was hoping that nuc i7 would work.


              You say that your temp reaches 80 - 90C, does that cause any problems? When temp is high do you back down on tasks until  fan slows down?


              I did watch the video. I have to agree with some of the comments - if I have to rebuild the case, I might as well buy a larger desktop. It was very interesting though.

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                I returned my i7 NUC, as I was not happy with the fan noise and 80+ temperatures performing modest tasks like copying files or watching youtube. I am not a gamer and don't think I was pushing it THAT hard. Your mileage may vary.


                I am typing this from my HP laptop running cool at 45C.

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                  Hello GD-one,


                  You can see more information about the Intel® NUC with the i7 processor here:

                  Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH Specifications


                  The unit can support up to 16GB of RAM DDR3L-1333/1600 1.35V SO-DIMM, it has the Intel® Core™ i7-5557U Processor, the temperature or T-junction is 105°C.


                  T-junction: It is the average temperature among the different digital sensors located inside the processor DIE. This is the thermal specification used for laptop processors.


                  In other systems you will see the T-Case temperature.


                  T-case: General processor temperature measured by a digital sensor located right underneath the heat spreader (out side of the DIE). This is the thermal specification used for desktop processors which is around 60°C to 75°C but usually they run at 40°C to 60°C under normal use.


                  This also depends on the type of software you use to check the temperature and also depends from the manufacturer what methods they install to check the temperature. If you take different system from different companies I’m pretty sure you will see different temperatures.


                  This information I provided above is for you to be aware of how the temperature work with this unit and for you to know that the temperature mentioned above by snowpine is completely normal.


                  Snowpine we have tested this unit several times and we don’t experience this fan noise, if you replace the unit I’m pretty sure that you can get a replacement for a unit that will not have this problem. This unit has three years warranty from the moment you make the purchase.


                  I hope this information can help.





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                    Hi Ivan, glad to hear that my heat+noise problems with the NUC were not typical. Thanks for your reply.

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                      You’re very welcome!