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    Can not set up 3 monitors with Intel HD Graphics 4000


      I am using these in Windows 7.


      - DELL Latitude E6430 laptop (Intel Core i5-3320M CPU + Intel HD Graphics 4000)

      - DELL Port Replicator which has 2 Display Ports + 2 DVI ports + 1 VGA port

      - 2 External Monitors ( Lenovo ThinkVision T2424p )


      I am using only Intel HD Graphics 4000 (v


      I'm trying to set up 3 monitors ( 2 External monitors + 1 Built in Laptop Monitor (Connector Type : LVDS) )

      I connected 2 external monitors (Lenovo ThinkVision T2424p ) using 2 Display ports connectors with DELL Port Replicator.


      There are only 2 monitors enabled in 'Intel Graphics Control Panel'.

      But I can not set up 3 monitors.

      I attached my screenshots and 'dxdiag' output.


      I can see 3 monitors in Windows 7 Control Panel -> Display Configuration.

      But I can enable only 2 monitors of them.

      I can not enable 3 monitors simultaneously.


      Please help me with this problem.

      I really want to set up 3 monitors.

      I bought monitors and display cables in order to set up 3 monitors based on the url here.

      Configuration 3 Displays FAQ for Graphics Drivers

      How to configure three (3) displays on a Dell Latitude Portable with Intel HD 4x00 Graphics | Dell US

      Please help me.