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    Unattended upgrade of firmware using OFU/flashupdt



      I would like to perform an unattended upgrade of the firmware of a S2600KP node as part of a Windows 2012 R2 installation. I have an ISO which deploys the OS and then automatically executes a bunch of scripts to upgrade the system and firmware.

      The problem I encounter is that the OFU flashupdt tool requires user interaction. The silent upgrade is impossible due an interactive menu. Has anyone been able to automate this?

      Secondly the tool says "Exiting without performing any updates" but then goes on to update the BMC/BIOS etc. This is kind of misleading.

      Could Intel improve the usability of their tools so that such scenarios can be addressed with ease? Is there an Intel email address to which one can send feedback?


      Sample Output:

      C:\Install\OFU_V13_1_Build9_AllOS\Win_x86>flashupdt.exe -u \Install\S2600KP_SFUP_BIOS01010009_ME030007168_BMC0135r9065_FRUSDR109_updated\flashupdt.cfg


      One Boot Flash Update Utility Version 13.1 Build 9

      Copyright (c) 2015 Intel Corporation


      Update file Configuration: XXX  S2600KP,1.0


      Processing capsule file - \Install\S2600KP_SFUP_BIOS01010009_ME030007168_BMC0135r9065_FRUSDR109_updated\R0009.cap


      Processing capsule file - \Install\S2600KP_SFUP_BIOS01010009_ME030007168_BMC0135r9065_FRUSDR109_updated\R0009_ME.cap

      Update file Configuration: Revision S2600KP_109

      FRU & SDR Update Package for Intel(R) Server Board S2600KPx (S2600KP_109)

      Copyright (c) 2014 Intel Corporation



      Intel(R) Server Board S2600KP detected


      Select the function you want to perform:

      1       Update only the SDR

      2       Update only the FRU

      3       Update both the SDR and the FRU

      4       Modify the Asset Tag Only

      5       Exit FRU/SDR update

      Selection out of range, please select from 1 to 5.


      Exiting without performing any updates


      Processing BMC FW Controller

      Querying USB Interface ...

      Using USB Interface...

      Sending update options to firmware: Done.

      Transferring BMC Firmware Image:

      100% Done.

      BMC Firmware Update Status:

      100% Done.

      BMC Firmware Update Successful

      This may take upto 50 seconds to exit. Please wait...


      BIOS Update In Progress:  100%

      Primary Update completed, Backup BIOS update will be completed in next boot.

      BIOS has been updated successfully.

      Please restart the server for the update to take effect.



      ME Update In Progress:  100%

      The ME Firmware has been updated successfully.



      Successfully Completed