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    Intel SRT RAID array: "Bootable - No"


      Hey guys, it seems that I've run into a pretty unique problem--I haven't found any other threads here in my situation. I have a 64GB SSD accelerating a 2TB HDD in maximized mode. However, it appears that I must've somehow unlinked the two drives from each other, so that Windows is not even bootable. In fact, I'm not sure if the OS is even recognized. Here's what I get when booting up, just a blank screen with a text ticker: (Sorry for the blurriness, didn't have very long to take the picture)


      Here's what my RAID setup screen looks like:


      You can see the status of the RAID volume is "Normal" but not bootable.


      I have some hypotheses as to how this happened. On that 500GB HDD you see, I have installed a hackintosh system. Every time I boot up OS X, the system doesn't recognize the RAID array (OS X uses it's own weird soft raid system) and I get this popup:


      Just clicking "Ignore" makes OS X leave the windows volume alone and leave it be. However, I must have accidentally clicked "Initialize" or  "Eject" without realizing, and consequently screwed up my raid array. Another weird thing though, I can actually access my windows drive from OS X--though I'm not sure if it's the entire raid array or just the hard disk. Either way, my windows disk is unbootable right now. Any body have any clue about this?


      Thanks for the help!