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    DG965WH and Sata harddrive

      I had my hard drive crash and it was an IDE hard drive.  I have purchased a WD Sata drive and now when I boot I cannot get anything to come up. Not even a bios screen.  Do I need to reset something on the motherboard?  What should I be looking for?


      I hear the hard drive start its spin so I know I have power.  I am pretty comfortable in saying that I have the cable hooked to the mother board correctly but when I turn the computer on nothing happens  the screen stays blank.    

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          I'm not sure the 965WH will support the faster transfer speeds of a modern hard drive.  Anything larger than 160GB could possibly have an issue.  There is probably not a jumper included to limit the speed.  Check the WD site to see if that is an issue.  Perhaps firmware now makes this unnecessary.  The primary HD is best placed on SATA port 0 or 1.