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    Heatsink for Quark on Galileo


      Hello all,

      has anyone seen/found already a model of heatsink that can be installed on the X1000 chip (and on the Galileo more precisely) ?


      I am writing quite complex sketches with multthreading and other fun stuff and the X1000 becomes very hot when the CPU load is high. I would like to keep the chip cooler, because I never liked heating components (the best way to reduce reliability). When the Galileo runs a simple sketch (or no sketch), the chip is already quite hot (almost impossible to keep the finger on it, so it's around 50°C), but with high CPU, it becomes realy, really hot


      By the way, I am rather suprized to see how big can be such heatsinks on industrial boards using the X1000 (just look at the AIOT-X1000 board here http://www.aaeon.com/en/p/3-and-half-inch-sbc-aiot-x1000/, it's really impressive in terms of size)