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    Driver crash


      So im having this problem that my intel keeps crashing. When im play games i get that these driver has crashed and have been recoverd what whill lead to the blackscreen ingame(sound is still on). So there was an update from 2013 installed,i reinstalled it and did an install from that update that came yesterday but the problem stay the same. I also tried the previous update wich have the same issue.

      How can i fix this ?

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          Hello sanderBE,


          Could please provide us with the following information:


          • Driver version installed. Go to Device Manger> Display adapters> Intel(R) HD Graphics right click on Properties and then go to Driver, you will be able to see the version installed.
          • Name of the games that you're trying to play.
          • Setting used when you try to play these games.
          • Computer model.
          • CPU model.
          • Operating system.