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    Raid1 Failures


      2 yr. old Dell XPS 410, Dell Bios version 2.5.3 (their latest) 11/22/2007, SMBios 2.3, Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600  @ 2.40GHz, factory installed Raid 1 (2-250GB HD) originally with Vista 32-bit, now upgraded to Windows7 Home Premium. Have had 6 Raid 1 failures since April of '09, all with 'degraded or with drive failure'. Dell HD diagnosis on all occasions showed disks "passed." Also passing on 'chkdisk and SFC/scannow"diagnosis. All failures were on disk 1 except for one (disk 0).  I started with Dell (Intel) Matrix console 7+, then moved to Intel site for 8.5 (had 2 failures) and then moved to their latest 8.9 and have had 2 more failures in 3 weeks. (Intel says this issue has been reported but that they are thus far unable to re-produce it). I have case numbers with Dell support and with Microsoft. Because of 2 different O/S's and 3-4 different Intel Matrix console updates/drivers, could this possibly be a bios/firmware issue ? Any help and thoughts would surely be appreciated.