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    wireless card in NUC5CPYH not working




      I am on my third NUC (the first two another story). I use UBUNTU as my operating system. Originally when I started to install UBUNTU on my earlier NUCs they saw my Wi-Fi straightaway and I was able to log on and continue the installation online straightaway. This time I am not seeing that option. I am not sure why. I looked through all of the bios settings and couldn't see a setting that could help. I will make sure that the BIOS is up to date. I wonder how helpful it will be to update the wireless drivers if I am using Linux? They seem to refer to Windows OS only.


      Is there a utility I can use to check the wireless card is correctly installed and working correctly? Or should I install UBUNTU and update via a LAN connection and then try to work out the wireless problem later.


      Any suggestions gratefully accepted. I am pretty much a 'newbie'.


      Cheers J