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    S1200V3RPL Fan Speed


      Please someone....

      Walk me through slowing down the fans on a new S1200V3RPL.


      3 days I've been.. upgrading / downgrading BIOS / BMC / FRUSDR

      I google searched and read all the forums etc etc.. but I just cant get it. And now this is my last resort :-(

      Clearly I've missed something.


      Most of the work has been done in EFI shell, but 2008 server is loaded on the Mirrored SSD's.


      The last file I tried was  S1200RPL_S1200RPO_S1200RPM_SFUP_BIOS01040002_BMC110_FRUSDR106.zip by Startup.nsh.

      While everything seems to go through OK.. fans actually slow down at one part of the process... but then speed up again.. LOUD!


      Tell me what you need to know and how to get it, to start fault finding this please! Needless to say, this has become URGENT :-(


      Regards to all,