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    yocto build image-spi do not support Arduino IDE? bsp1.2.0


      Hi everyone!


      I had built the Flash-EDKII-missingPDAT.bin and the image-spi linux for my 8Mbit on board FLASH(Galileo gen2), the bsp source i used was Board_Support_Sources_for_Intel_Quark_v1.2.0.

      After all the steps described in Quark_BSP_BuildGuide. I flashed the Flash+PlatformData.bin to my Galileo gen2 board. The 8Mbit Linux can bootup normaly, but when i connected the board usb client port to my PC, there was no reaction in the hardware list of my pc. The image-spi build screenshot was below:

      1.The recipes contained in image-spi:


      2.the pakage groups in image-spi:


      I'm a starter of yocto linux, i want to build a image that can bootup on Galileo gen2, and support the Arduino IDE, so i can debug my program. So which package groups is necessary for the image to support Arduino IDE.


      Thanks First.