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    NUC5i5RYH watchdog




      I am wondering whether NUC5i5RYH has a watchdog functionality either hardware or software. If it does, how can I setup please? Many thanks.

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          Hello Linn,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          The watchdog you is enable in the BIOS by default, you can access the BIOS and under boot > Boot Configuration > Boot Display Config, you will see it there; you can check it or uncheck it.


          I’m not sure if you need it more like for programming or something else, if yes please let me know.


          Best regards!



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            Hello Ivan,


            Thank you so much.


            Yes, I am using the NUC for programming. Would it be possible to give details please in terms of how to activate/set up the watchdog?


            Thank you ever so much.


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              What are you interested in doing with a Watchdog?


              (I ask because there are actually multiple watchdog timers)

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                Hello, Thank you for your reply.


                I am hoping that the watchdog will restart the NUC as soon as it learns that program is in an inner loop or crashes.


                Would you mind elaboration on the multiple watchdog timers please?


                Many thanks.


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                  Well, there are at least four watchdog timers that I know of. There is a special watchdog timer that is used specifically for overclocking (attempts). There is the standard TCO watchdog timer. There is also a watchdog timer in the Management Engine. All of these can be used to cause a reset the system. Finally, there is a watchdog timer in the Super I/O (SIO) IC. I prefer to use this one because it can power cycle the system, which is a much better reset.

                  About 15 months ago, I published a SDK for the Windows environment that not only demonstrated how you can use the SIO's watchdog timer, it supported *all* of the NUC products up to and including the NUC5 generation and it provided a tool that can be used out of the box to implement this capability. The problem is that I retired 12 months ago and Intel decided not to publish this SDK externally because I wasn't there to support it.


                  I am willing to provide a certain level of support for this SDK. Provided Intel is willing to let me do so, I will make this SDK available to you. I have sent them a request and will let you know how they respond...



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                    Thank you ever so much Scott. You are a star.


                    The info you provided is a great help. I will try to find which watchdog works for the program best while wait for your reply.


                    I am looking forward to hear from you.


                    Once again many thanks.


                    Best regards,


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                      Thank you N.Scott.Pearson for helping us with that and I hope this can help with all you need Linn.