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    Ethernet AVB



      I'm trying to create a set-up for a simple Ethernet AVB demo.

      I understand I can use the I210 NIC.


      Could anyone confirm the following setup is the right way to proceed :

      1. PC1 (running Linux Ubuntu in VirtualBox) with I210 NIC

      2. PC2 (running Linux Ubuntu in VirtualBox) with I210 NIC

      3. PC 1 and 2 with Ethernet AVB software stack (running in Linux Ubuntu in VirtualBox)

      4. PC1 and 2 connected using RJ45 cable

      5. Talker and Listener software application running in the VMs in the PCs sending and receiving audio samples


      Is there anything missing in the above setup in order to get Ethernet AVB to work between 2 PCs?

      -> What drivers are required? Do they come along with the NIC on purchase?

      Is there a simpler way to achieve the same?