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    NUC DE3815TYBE BIOS 0046 no auto power on


      I am using my NUC DE3815TYBE in an automotive environment. I do not have regular access to the power on-off button. An automotive power controller makes sure that an orderly shutdown of Windows 8.1 is performed when accessory power is removed. Then when power is re-applied, I have the BIOS set to auto-start. This works great with BIOS 0037, but no longer works when upgrading to BIOS 0046. When the BIOS is set for 'Power On' , the power LED goes on for one second, then off again.


      I reverted to BIOS 0037, and everything works again. The release notes between these two versions do not seem to mention this change. What is the latest BIOS to have proper auto power on, and will this be fixed in a new version?