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    Fullscreen apps crashes - Win10 x64, i7-5500U




      I have problem with old apps using DirectDraw and working in fullscreen.

      DosBox with default settings is also affected - returns the same error.


      Always there is an appcrash (reading from address 0x0000000000000000) in file.

      When I look on memory maps, it is the igdumdim32.dll  (in function GTPIN_IGC_PrepareForGTPin)


      My device is Lenovo Z51-70 with Windows 10 x64. It has i7-5500U and AMD M375 GPU.

      My driver is (I also tried older versions, and this suplied by Lenovo -


      All these games start working when I uninstall Intel driver (but it is not the solution).


      What can I do about it?