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    NUC5PGYH0AJR: after windows 10 set-up, how can I see F2, F.., F10 choice during reboot?


      1 - just received NUC5PGYH0AJR. Windows 10 Home is pre-installed, and I follow all the set-up process, creating account, and so on.

      2 - I ask Windows 10 to turn off the computer.

      3 - I add an HD 500 MB to the PC, because I need to install a Windows 10 PRO, and Microsoft Office to the system, and 32 MB is not enough for all the apps I need.

      4 - I turn on the system waiting for the post of the choices of Function keys because I need to press F2, and modify the BIOS to use my HD for boot. But Windows loads without the usual black screen: NUC      F2 BIOS Settings, F7 BIOS Update, F10 Boot Menu.


      How can I modify the BIOS?