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    Core i7 1156, speedstep/turbo not compatible with PSU causing crashes.


      Hey all.  Hopefully posting on this will get some attention to this issue.  I have built many systems over the last few years...this issue has got to top the cake.  Issue is:  Brand new Core i7 socket 1156 platform, has the nice turbo mode.

      after building my current system, noticed to my dismay that after system shut down, all of the LED's (showing power to mobo) on the motherboard would turn off...nothing to show that the board was getting power after shut down. I did not feel comfortable not knowing if the system was then running on the mobo battery or not.  So I proceeded to test and enable certain motherboard BIOS settings one at a time, so see if anything was amiss.  Also to my complete surprise ended up discovering within my Mobo BIOS (which is an ASrock P55 Extreme) under CPU settings, Speed Step setting tells you that it may have compatibility issues with some PSU's.  So, I immediately disabled this and was hopeful this would correct the issue.

        So,  THE GOOD: ...with Speedstep disabled,  It did clear up issue of powering off the LEDs on mobo at shut down, now my mobo's on board LED's for power, reset, and rear cmos stay on!!!     I was excited to see maybe this was all that it needed. THE BAD: But then with in a few minutes after boot up, realized that my Intel Turbo mode Gadget could not commincate. I then went back into the BIOS...and sure enough  If you have to disable Speed Step  well then I guess this means you lose your Turbo mode.  I am out raged on this!!!  You buy this certain computer component...this CPU for the new technolgies it has to find out....if its not compatible you are just screwed and cant use all the power it has.  What makes me even more upset with this is:  This is my 2nd system built on this platform.  I built one for  my husband about a month prior to see how I felt about this new 1156 platform.  His system was built using the same Mobo (ASrock P55 extreme, Core i7 860, Gskill ripjaws DDR3 dual channel 1600 4 gig kit (especially for new core i7 1156)...infact the only diffence between his system build and mine.....is the PSU!!!  The power supply in mine is a new  CoolerMaster Silent ProM 850 modular.  The PSU in my husband's is an older but nice PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Watt. His system, seeing that I built his first, has NO issues of this.  Infact  I was so impressed with the budget setep that I decided to then build myself one.  And now I find this out.   I started searching online to find this forum, and immediately return results for this same issue but under this topic Desktop Board thread...this is why I posted here.  I see threads where others seem to be having similar issues and some want to sorta blame or think that is has something to do with Win7 64bit. ( It has Nothing to do with the OS).   Also others think it is isolated to just Intel brand Mobo's.  NO its NOT!  I have 2 new ASrock P55 extreme's.....and others say they have a Gigabyte mobo with the same issue occuring.  This is clearly isolated to a PSU and Speedstep compatibility issue.  Some just go ahead and disable speed step and think that's fine.(this clears up the issue & makes it stable)....But what some dont realize is that without SpeedStep...there is NO Turbo Mode  for the extra oomph of power.  I am planning on reporting my finds to Cooler Master also immediately.  But I am upset to find after spending such a bundle on nice new computer componets that they are not compatible.  And that Turbo mode is married to StepStep and why there is no comunication and documentation or warnings or info included with the Processor. Also why Popular brand name PSU makers wouldnt also seem to have been aware of this compatibilty issue.  Also looked into BIOS update that would correct or have some work around  to this...and it seems mobo makers are just either not aware, or concider it a psu makers problem.  I hope Intel does something to fix this.  Some sort of update or patch.  Mean while I have to completely take apart and rewire my system with a different PSU....lucky I have the same exact one that is is in my husband's correctly working machine.  If I didn't what a mess and hassle to RMA and or buy one that would work....and how would you know which one would work with speedstep...if I didnt already just by happen stance have the PC Power and cooling one  set up and know that worked.

      Like some how there should be validation with PSU makers  so people can know that it will work with speed step/ turbo mode on new i7 1156 platforms.  Any info, workaround....or peoples with the same issue encouraged to post and reply here appreciated.

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          I'm not sure why SpeedStep is an issue here as in standby/shut down the whole computer is turned off and only standby current is provided from the powersupply.  I would have the thought the powersupply compatibility warning is due to the way the CPU with SpeedStep enabled quickly causes extra power to be drawn when required and some powersupplies may not be able to react quick enough, I would have thought that all branded new powersupplies are just fine.


          When you say the LEDs are off on the board, is this the only issue?  Is everything else working as expected including switching the computer back on?  If the computer can be switched back on this indicates the board is still powered as the on switch is a soft switch and requires standby power to work.


          What happens if you sleep your computer (S3 suspend to RAM) do the lights remain on or off and does the computer turn back on correctly?


          I would think if the computer can turn back on okay then standby power must be being supplied, and the LEDs turning off is probably just a cosmetic bug or by design.