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    Harris Beach SBS



      How can I obtain an updated bios for Harris Beach SBS.

      Model HSBUB SDS.

      The current version of my BIOS HSB_bios_119.b5_Quad_ME_1489_1.5MB_PTT_AnC2_ProductionACM



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          Hello basi1io:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          This is handled by a different forum support.


          This is going to be re-routed to the correct forum support.



          Esteban C

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            Hi Basil Bubnov,


            I would like to be able to help you but I would recommend that you contact the group or person where you got this laptop from.

            My understanding is that this Haswell-based Ultrabook wasnt really available for purchasing. Developers had access to it (I tried to investigate how developers were able to get one with no luck, I believe this product is from 2013).



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              This brought me a laptop to service one of the lucky developers.
              I am engaged in repair of various electronics.
              Special community to Harris Beach SBS I have not found. Can someone tell me?