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    Win 10 Lost Network Connection *PLEASE HELP*


      Hi All


      I'm sure some of you have heard of this issue, but it's finally starting to drive me nuts!


      I upgraded to Win10 from 8.1 a couple of months back,  and since then I've had intermittent network connectivity issues.


      I'm using an Asus Maximus VII impact motherboard,  with on board intel i218v Etherport port. I will suddenly lose ipv4 connectivity completely,  and I either have to leave it for a while or disable the adapter and re-enable to get an ip address back.


      I've researchedone this and see many people having the same issue with Win 10.


      I've tried everything, from disabling power management, updating to the latest Win10 INTEL drivers and beyond,  but still randomly lose connection.


      I can get 1 lost connection in an hour, to 2-3 in 10mins!


      Does anyone know how to resolve this with the i218v adapter on Win 10,  otherwise I going I'm going to have to resort to reinstalling Win 8.1 from fresh....