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    SB750 -(Confusion) Setting Up New X25-M/G2 02HA


      There seems to be allot of confusion around the Net about these drives in relation to performance and chipsets/settings etc...

      Recently I purchased a New 80gb X25-m G2 02HA firmware drive. I plan to Install Win 7 on it.


      My motherboard is an AM3 with the SB750 Chipset. Word is that the ATI's native SB750 drivers are not up to par in terms of reaching Max performance on the Intel SSD. Some are saying that it's Better to use the Microsoft AHCI* drivers for the SB750 rather the the AMD ones for better performance.


      I am totally lost here, as there seems to be so many little different conflicting reports on what firmware to use etc... here is a list of points I hope somebody can clarify


      -My drive came manufactured with Firmware 02HA(trim Support), should I update to Firmware 02HD(will this yield better performance)

      -What SouthBridge Drivers Should I use for the my SB750, ATI or Microsoft

      -What Speeds Should I be looking to Achieve when benchmarking the Drive in order to determine if it's running to Spec

      -What settings or Modifications do I need to make to prepare WIN7 Installation, what about Cluster Size

      -is over-provisioning mandatory for maintaining drive performance

      -any guides for Win7 SSD tweaks

      -Is there any other important information that I am missing?


      Please if anyone can any these questions I would be very greatful