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    Power Supply for Intel Edison Arduino Board




      Looking at this page:



      These are the requirements:


          7-15V DC

          At least 1500mA

          The center/inner pin should be the positive pole of the power supply


      But it doesn't clarify the size of the 5.5mm barrel connector (see below).


      And this is the suggested part number: EMSA120150


      According to DigiKey it is a non-stock item BUT has a direct substitute of SMI18-12-V-P5:



      Looking at the datasheet for the smi18:



      Scrolling down to page 4, there are TWO 5.5mm choices.


      5 & 6 both have an outside diameter of 5.5mm. 5's inside diameter is 2.1mm and 6's is 2.5


      Question: Does the Edison Arduino board require the the 2.1mm which is size 5 and therefore matches the SMI18-12-V-P5.