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    strange noise from pc after windows 10 loads HELP! it hurts my ears!


      Right so had this problem "Okay problem is strange i have looked everywhere on the internet and so far nothing, i have some high pitch noise coming from my pc but it only starts when win7 loads, now im sure its not coil whine from the psu or gpu, its nothing to do with the fans as when in bios the noise is gone. Now whats weird is when the gpu is under load the noise goes, any ideas?" So i thought to install windows 10, after i installed it with all the basic drivers it was fine the noise went, updated drivers and BAM! Its back again, please can someone help?

      5820k @3.3ghz

      Msi x99a godlike gaming

      Zotac amp! Extreme! 980 ti

      32gb kingston ram (4x8gb)

      500gb samsung 850 evo ssd

      4tb wd black hdd

      1000w cooler master v series

      Ekwb 360 predator