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    HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA Quadro K4000M on same computer


      I have an HD Graphics 4000 and an NVIDIA Quadro K4000M video cards on my M6700 Dell Workstation. The way it works is that basic graphics functions are facilitated by the Intel HD card and graphics programs use the NVIDIA card, which has 4000 MB of VRAM (the HD card has 32 or 64 MB of VRAM). The trade off is power savings, apparently. This works great...except that Photoshop CC 2015 does not see the NVIDIA card, (even though the NVIDIA card shows that Photoshop has access to it...its on the list of programs that are registered in the NVIDIA control panel that uses the NVIDIA graphics card).


      I am thinking that the problem is with the HD card which is not relinquishing 3D graphics control to NVIDIA when Photoshop is open (all other programs that require the NVIDIA graphic are able to use it, just not photoshop). Is there a way of disabling the 3D mode options (basically remove 3D control ) in the Intel Graphics 4000 user interface?