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    NUC i5 HD 6000 won't do 4k with Intel driver but it will with Windows generic driver?


      I bought a NUC i5 RYH with HD 6000 specifically to drive a 4k Samsung TV. Windows generic driver will do 3840x2160 (without Aero) but not the Intel driver. The highest res the intel driver will yield is 1920x1440 or some such. All custom resolution settings for 4k fail with the, apparently all too common, 'maximum resolution' error. The Intel utility will tell me that the Samsung TV supports 3840x2160 @ 24,25, and 30 Hz which is not a surprise since I already know the Windows driver does it.


      The TV does not have a display port input, only HDMI, so I am using a mini-DP to HDMI cable from the NUC to the TV. I'd believe that was the issue except that 4k works fine with the Windows driver so I don't think it can be a physical limitation of the TV, the cable, the graphics card, the BIOS, or the Operating System (Win 7 Pro).


      What gives?


      FWIW I need Aero for Cubase Pro 8 to run. I bought the curved 4k monitor and the NUC strictly to gain higher resolution for more screen real estate. Sadly, I'm having a little trouble realizing that dream. :-)


      Thanks for any assistance!