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    nuc5i5ryk Lan Network Controller


      I am trying to figure out why I am having severe speed issues with my nuc5i5ryk, both Ethernet and Wireless. I have downloaded and installed most recent updates but I am only receiving about 6 megs down when I should be typically getting 100 to 125 Ethernet and 60 plus WI-Fi. I am running Windows 10 64 bit and generally use the machine as a media player. The machine is connected to an Lynksys EA6500 in bridge mode.  I am also having speed issues with the unit via internal Lan, as I have a music library on an attached SATA drive. I now have buffering issues with other machines that did not exist prior to using the NUC. All of the speed issues are new with the introduction of nuc5i5ryk and did not exist prior using a different machine.

      Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.