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    Connect OpenOCD to Intel Galileo GEN1 board - "si" command didnt work as expected


      There is strange thing is here :


      EIP register is set to 0xc10094d1.

      When I modify the opcode at the address 0xc10094d1 to 0xc10094d2 to 0x9090 (NOP, NOP) , and then issue a “si” ( single step – step one instruction exactly, the EIP jump from 0xc10094d1 to 0xc10094ef.

      I expect it to jump from 0xc10094d1 to 0xc10094d2 but the system jump from 0xc10094d1 to 0xc10094ef.


      Can anyone advice what is the problem here ?


      Commmand :


      • - monitor mdw  [addr] à read one byte opcode
      • - monitor mww [add] [val] -> write one byte opcode
      • - monitor reg ( dump all the registers in lakemont CPU )
      • - “si” command is single step