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    Weird adaptive gamma in-game. Cannot turn it OFF anymore.


      I have a Dell Laptop with and Intel HD5500 integrated GPU (i5-5300U CPU)


      I took screenshots showing a perfect example of what happens in-game:


      1. Facing wall not directly in the sun



      2. Turning to face a wall that is under the sun:


      3. Waiting 10 seconds doing nothing:



      As you can see, each time you exit a dark room or go from from the shade a bright environment, you get blinded for a good 5 seconds... because the GPU is still trying to boost light from dark spaces.


      I have tried turning on and off every settings and applying them using profiles. What used to be OFF is now ON. I don't know what the name for the parameter is, but I tried them all it seems.


      Any help please?