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    Display port resolution after wakeup


      Hello, I'm having an issue with the display resolution after waking up from sleep mode.  About one-third of the time, the monitor wakes up in VGA mode, 640x480.  After I sign in and try to change the resolution, 640x480 is the only resolution option showing.  I can work around this and get back to normal 1920x1200 resolution by doing a restart or by disconnecting and reconnecting the display port cable on the monitor.


      It only happens with display port - HDMI connection doesn't have this problem.  I don't know why it wakes up okay two-thirds of the time and yet one-third of the time it wakes up in VGA mode - nothing is done differently.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver but that didn't help.


      This is using the latest Intel 4600 graphics driver running Windows 10 Home.  System information files are attached.