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    Add me to the list of the bitten


      I have my compute stick connected via a wired internet connection, so I didn't have the choice of using the metered connection workaround. Last night it updated on its own. Today, I have no working compute stick.


      When I woke up this morning, it was at the Windows 10 splash screen, but there was no mouse or keyboard or anything I could do. When I rebooted, it kept rebooting over and over and over again. I tried reinstalling W10 from a usb drive. It stopped at 74% of the second step of preparing the files. I rebuilt the stick. It stops now at 3%. I built a Windows 8 install but I don't have the product key to continue. I decided to take it to work and try from there. Now it says there is no bootable media and won't do anything.


      This is distressing because I thought I had done everything required in advance...update the bios, remove the SD card, etc.


      So now I have a support ticket. I hope it works better than the stick.

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          Update: I finally got it to see boot disks. However, absolutely nothing I can do will make it work. It continually gets stuck at some point during the "getting files ready for installation" stage. It has hung at 0, 3, 4, 44, 74, 1, 5, etc. I've tried three different USB flash drives. I've tried DVDs. It doesn't always stop at the same place on the same media with the same load. For example, it will stop at 22 percent. I restart it and it will stop at 12 percent. The next restart if stops at 74 percent. It is as though the USB circuitry just shuts down, but the mouse still works. I've also tried different power supplies and USB power cables because this kind of flaky crap is often indicative of poor power. But I've done enough trials here to eliminate that as a possibility.

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            Another update. I downloaded the 10240 iso and created a boot dvd. I was able to successfully install Windows 10 to this version. It would not work from a usb stick, only from DVD. Very unsatisfactory, Intel and Microsoft, very unsatisfactory.

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              So after running for a couple of hours on 10240, it discovered that there was an update. Thinking that it would work this time, I told it to do the update. It got to 32 percent and just stopped. Upon rebooting, it rolled back all the changes. We'll see what comes next. 

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                Well, this looks like my final report. I took Microsoft's advice to add another flash drive to the powered hub on the belief that it might be running out of memory. It got up to 96% of the update with 69% of final configuration when it hung. I restarted it and now it doesn't start at all. All I get on the monitor is "No signal." With nothing except a keyboard plugged in, I get "no signal." So I think it's finally flat out dead.

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                  Amazon return date on the compute stick has pass so I guess I'm either out $100+ or will have to wait until Intel decides to replace it. I get a nice blue light on the device. The fan doesn't spin (although I don't know if it spun constantly or just at a certain temperature). No signal to monitor. No bios. No Intel Compute Stick splash screen. Nothing.

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                    Hi chilinski,


                    I am sorry for the issue. Did you try to recover the operating system with F8 or pressing and hold the power button for 3 seconds or doing a BIOS update with the Recovery method?


                    The instructions are the following:

                    Power Button Menu BIOS Update Instructions for Boards and Kits

                    If problem continues, request the replacement with our Contact Support


                    Mike C

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                      Of course I tried recovery. That did not work at all. I had done the bios update a week before attempting the Windows upgrade. The bios updated without issue. As I said in my last post, I get the blue light on the stick but no video signal and no spinning fan. I talked to Intel support today and they are going to replace it under warranty.