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    Samsung XP941 512GB "sometimes" not detected on warm restart in NUC5i5RYH




      Ever since building my NUC5i5RYH in May using a Samsung XP941 512GB SSD as the boot device, I get occasional messages of "No boot device detected" on warm restarts.  Usually it occurs after the system has not been restarted for a while.  Weird thing is that if I do a bunch of restarts in a row, like installing software that needs a Windows restart, usually only the first one will fail, and the rest of the restarts will work fine.  When it does fail to detect the Samsung SSD, I just hit a CTRL-ALT-DELETE, and the systems tries again, and works the second pass.  I am using WIndows 10, but since this is a pre-boot detection issue, I don't think the OS has anything to do with it.


      Has anyone experienced anything like this?