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    intel 750 ssd slow


      hi iv seen this been spoke about alot but none of them that i have seen have helped

      i have a 750 series 400gb ssd iv had widows 10 and windows 8.1 and im getting the same thing it just seem to run really slow i had a samsung ssd before 120gb with only like 500mbs read /wright and that was much faster then this one ive updated my bios and the drivers for the ssd still no diffrence.....

      pc spec

      1TB WD1003FZEX Black SATA3 64M

      1600W EVGA SuperNOVA G2 PSU

      Intel Core i7 5930K s2011 v3

      ASUS X99-E WS S2011-3

      40IN PHILIPS 4K BDM4065UC

      Corsair H100i GTX Hydro Cooler

      3x 12GB EVGA GTX Titan X

      400GB Intel 750 AIC SSD

      16gb ddr4 dominator ram