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    What is the difference between the de3815tyke and de3815tykhe models?


      I bought a de3815tykhe from Amazon. It was delivered in what appeared to be new, standard packaging with a printed label withd de3815tykhe on the cardboard box. However, the unit inside has an intel metal plate with de3815tyke (no "h") on it. The "Date of manufacture" on the plate is 06/2014 and the BIOS is Version 19 3/27/2014.


      Did the de3815tykhe supersede the earlier de3815tyke?






      ANSWER from intel Tech Support (phone call):


      DE3815TYKHE is the "worldwide model number."


      DE3815TYKE is the model number on the unit that indicates it is intended for the North American market.


      According to them, the product is one-and-the-same.