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    Problem running 'temperature' program with Galileo and Rocket




      My physical setup consists of an "Intel Galileo Gen 2" and the "Grove starter kit plus – Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 2 and Edison".      I am using Wind River Rocket OS and am having problems running the temperature demo on Wind River Helix App Cloud.      I wanted to see if anyone is having problems.


      Some details:

      - Code and description obtained from: wind-river-rocket/arduino-temperature · GitHub

      - Temperature Sensor on A0 socket

      - Setup the USB-Serial with  CDM v2.12.00 WHQL Certified.exe  driver.

      - Using the device specific Virtual Gateway per the AppCloud project configuration


      I can run up to the point where the sensor data is read via the 'analogRead()' call.  In my case, the value returned is 514 but it does vary as expected given the temperature of the sensor.



      When I try to execute the line where the resistance is calculated,  I loose connection with the session.


      As a debug step, I commented out the call to analogRead() and hard-coded the input variable to a 1.   This should have resulted

      in a resistance calculation of   10230000 - 100000. 


      I however get the same behavior of loosing connection with the device.




      This is very repeatable and I have tried it on two different physical setups.

      I will continue experimenting but figured I would get a post into the forum to see if anyone else is seeing.