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    Intel Compute Stick goes to sleep everyday.


      Good day,


      I have Intel Compute Stick ,which connected to TV and it displays some Important Information (OS w8.1).

      Sometimes (usually once a day,at night) device goes to sleep and isn't responding by ping, display shows nothing. Blue light is on.

      Power button helps to wake up device.

      There is no some scheduled scripts. only 1 application at startup.

      Switching off the display Power-saving option in the Intel HD Graphics didn't solve the problem


      In power options i have balanced plan (it's the only plan which i can see here) and option "put the computer to sleep" - "never"

      In advanced options "turn off the display" set to "never" too.

      Device is powered by default usb adapter,not from TV.


      Please help me to solve this problem