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    Problem with Intel Customer Support


      Dear Intel


      Do you have a problem with your Customer Support system?


      I have now created two Service Requests asking for assistance with Intel Compute Stick. After a few days of waiting I receive the following mail.



      Dear Customer,

      Intel Customer Support Service Request Management request #00196086 has been updated.


      You can click the following link to login and view/update the request or get additional information (including the ability to create new service requests, view any current and closed service requests, check the status of your warranty returns, and validate warranty):




      Intel Customer Support




      The link https://customercare.intel.com/  allows me to create a new Service Request but not, as stated in the mail, view and update the request(s) I have made!


      Also, under the text box for entering Email Address the text.  Indicates that because of changes previously submitted requests will not be available.


      "As a result of this change, access to previously submitted service requests will not be available"


      This is followed by;

      "Going forward, access to new requests submitted via this site will be available. This is a one-time event resulting from the transition. We apologize for any inconvenience ...."





      My second Service Request was because the link indicated I had to create a new Request because of the changes.


      So, Intel Customer Support, do you have a problem with your Customer Support system?


      "Intel Customer Support is enhancing its Online Service Request functionality to better serve our valued customers"

      That could be debated.

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