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    Driver disconnected while associating


      We have a Dell Inspiron 5537, originally Win8, which we updated to Win8.1. No problems.  Then upgraded to Win10, but no internet connection and no sound!  So reverted to Win8.1.  No problems.


      Then, through Windows Update this week, updated Win8.1 with a few optional upgrades, including Intel wireless network adapter N-7260.  Lost the internet connection!  It would sometimes work and sometimes not. Endless troubleshootiing made no difference. Since there was nothing to lose, upgraded to Win10, hoping it would solve the problem, but it didn't.


      More endless troubleshooting.  No change. Troubleshooter would say, "wireless network adapter fixed" but it never was. Generated a report (netsh wlan show wlanreport), which showed 92 occasions of "driver disconnected while associating."


      *  Looking at the properties of the Intel N-7260, I noticed this comment:


      Error from intel driver install:


      Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_08B1&SUBSYS_44628086&REV_73\FCF8AEFFFF264BD900 requires further installation.



      Also, went to Dell Support.  It identified 5 updates, which it downloaded and installed:


      Inspiron 5537 BIOS

      Intel graphic family driver/video driver

      Intel dual-band wireless AC 7260/network driver (although I don't see this one listed in Device Manager. ...)

      Intel management engine interface driver

      Intel rapid storage tech driver.


      On a restart, internet connected after a few minutes.  Stayed on for a while, and then disconnected again.  Seems to go on or off at random.


      Help!  This laptop is used by my wife for business, and she needs it to work!