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    Intel GMA500 in Linux


      When the chipset support Intel GMA500 in package xf86-x11-drv-intel?

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          I would also like to see a reply to this post if possible. Thanks!

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            INTEL, Do you have plans for supporting GMA 500. If not i need to ebay my netbook

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              Go to your distribution for Linux drivers. Way too many versions of Linux for Intel to write drivers for. Thats why they are supported at the distro level.


              Also, see: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-010512.htm

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                What an ignorant response. Sure there are many different flavors of,  but witout there being a developer handbook, and having only a closed  source binary blob to work from (which does work, but not well) that was  released over a year ago. In the case of Ubuntu xorg-video-intel is the  OPEN SOURCE package that supports EVERY GMA CHIPSET EXCEPT GMA 500  (Poulsbo). Since this was the only driver (and chip) developed by a 3rd  party intel is at Tungstens mercy (license). So Mr. Robert_U, why is  this the only chipset that has ANY problem, all the others work quite  dandy, since the code for those chipsets was sourced and handbooks are  availabe, except the 500. ONLY the 500. This really yanks my chain!


                Intel  What the crap!!!!!

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                  If you want help you may want to refrain from negative comments. This is supposed to be a back and forth exchange of information. If you don't get the info you need on the first go around , clarify your request and we can try again. Being contentious will get you nowhere. Manners!


                  That being said, your second post for this is  a bit more specific than your first and I will try to work with that.


                  Try the Ubuntu community here http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate as that is were the expertise is for Ubuntu Linux on GMA 500.

                  Here is a list of topics that may help, http://search.ubuntu.com/results2.html?cx=009650792990864903260%3A-lsdjshi1tu&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&q=gma+500#1093 I am confident that if you work the resources here you will find what you need.

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                    I know what you are saying, this has nothing to do with getting support, I am using the psb kernel mode driver that works (but poorly). There is only 1 binary driver (that is closed source unlike EVERY other GMA chipset). This is not about any particular distro, this is about opening the source for the US15W chipset driver. Educate yourself http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_GMA#GMA_500_on_Linux

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                      I completely AGREE with the last comment:


                      How can Linux support a CLOSED source.  Make it OPEN source and THEN Ubuntu or whatever Linux distro will be able to help.  It starts from YOU first!!

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                        I agree about open source, unfortunately I am not the one making those decisions.

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                          I don't even care if it is closed source, nVidia only has closed source binary drivers, but they get updated regularly. There is only one binary driver for the Poulsbo chipset, that has never been updated in the last 2 years. In my eyes this is ridiculous.

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                            It's sad, not even Moblin (Intel's own netbook distro) supports this MID chipset.

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                              As noted in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8824069#post8824069http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8824069&postcount=2 , the current GMA 500 drivers are incompatible with the current version of Xorg. In other words, if you purchased a netbook with a GMA 500 in it, you will be unable to install a new version of your distribution. This is not the distribution's fault, and there is nothing a distribution can do about it.


                              It is rumored that Intel is working on new drivers based on the Gallium3d architecture. For example, see http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NzY2Mg .


                              Note that the currently released IEGD drivers are NOT the Gallium drivers; the IEGD drivers are also limited to Xorg 1.6.


                              Like many Linux users, I am not happy with the situation here, because this means I have to install an older version of my favorite distribution. I would like to know more about Intel's plans for supporting this chipset. For example: when are the Gallium3d drivers expected? Are the IEGD drivers going to be updated to work with Xorg 1.7? Is Intel working to release documentation or specifications for the GMA 500, to enable the community to write their own drivers?


                              Thank you for your time.



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                                I am very, very dissapointed.


                                I quote the Linux Journal:

                                "NVIDIA has closed drivers, and yet they manage to honor Linux users with usable video drivers. Do I wish NVIDIA had open drivers? You bet. But at least they provide usability."

                                If nVidia can do it, I don't see why Intel wouldn't be able to release a driver at least for the major 3 Linux distros (thus eliminating 90% of the complaints here). I am an owner of a GMA500 machine and I can only get ONE kernel version working with this chip, by a dirty hack. At the moment Linux users with GMA500 chips are UNABLE to use the latest versions of almost any Linux distribution (with the rare exceptions of Mandriva and Jolicloud).


                                Another quote from Shawn Powers:

                                "I don’t want Windows on my Acer, and I’m sure there are a lot of folks with the Dell Mini 12 that would rather not keep their old version of Ubuntu in order to use their netbook."


                                I never complained before, really. But if we don't get a solid driver until summer, I am going to make a point out of not buying Intel products.

                                So please fix this. I don't even care if the drivers are open source or not, just please make them work.

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                                  I totally agree, we've been waiting for ages for a decent driver for Linux, all we had is one that crashes the pc randomly.


                                  XP is not made to run at an acceptable speed on a netbook with a GMA500 nor do we want to use it. I bought my Netbooks with the intention to use linux on it an nothing else.


                                  Setting the whole thing up just to find out I've gotten an unlucky chip running inside with no support is simply fraud to my eyes. I never saw any warning on my machine saying that the hardware inside won't be supported and does not allow third parties to create support for it. If the machine would be out dated It wouldn't be such an issue, but this my Netbook is still rather new.


                                  Now we must also accept, that our chip is not compatible with the newer xorg, meaning it won't run after an upgrade. I think it is really time that you guys at intel give your customers what they have been waiting for soo long. A driver that works, something that is normally already shipped with the hardware, we payed for your product, we deserve to have a working and stable driver with it, so please, give us a new driver.

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                                    I have the same problem, and I would like to ask Intel why? Why is that this chipset don't have support for xorg 1.7? I'm not asking support for any special Linux distribution, but instead just support for xorg. And then, you are wright. If you give support for xorg 1.7, then the community will do the rest. But the chipset it's yours, so it has to be Intel to provide the basic support.


                                    In my case I'm already mad with Intel. I have an Asus EeePC 1101HA, and because Asus decide for a 11'' screen I could't have the most recent Intel Atom N series processor; Intel didn't allow. So please give us support for this chipset, or otherwise we will not be able to use our netbooks.

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