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    edison internal antenna - placement


      There are several threads about use of an external antenna, and that may ultimately be the most effective option ....


      However, I was curious if there is any known "directionality" of the internal antenna.  For example, if we mount the Edison on a custom PCB board on the backside (and potentially facing into a wall, for example), is this inferior to having it facing out the front?


      Or, say for instance our device is resting on a countertop (metal, granite, etc) the Edison would be facing down towards the countertop from inside the enclosure.  Would it be better to have the Edison facing up inside the enclosure?  If there is no "directionality" with the internal antenna, then I suppose it wouldn't matter.


      Any other thoughts in terms of placement inside of a plastic enclosure as it pertains to WiFi reception would be greatly appreciated!